Meet the Author

Author Bill Murphy is a biker with nearly 40 years riding experience, a former Marine and Vietnam veteran, a fan of history, and a wanderer who likes nothing more than exploring the country on two wheels. He is the author of five books with number six on the way. His motorcycling travel guides, published by Arbutus Press, tell the reader more about the people, fascinating places and attractions, great roads, and the history of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin than many people will discover in a lifetime. In April 2009 RoadRUNNER motorcycle magazine reviewed the books and gave them high praise, calling them “fun and informative reads”.

William (Bill, please!) is a Michigan native who paid bills by working in the arena of environmental protection for a state agency for many years followed by his own environmental consulting business. The money also helped cover trips around the country on a variety of motorcycles – a passion that has lasted nearly forty years. Bill is an amateur history buff with a fascination for those aspects of Americana and American history that the history books tend to ignore. For decades he has combined his love of motorcycling with his interest in historic places (and unique geologic and geographic sites as well). An inactive Marine (there is no such thing as an ex-Marine) Bill is active in military and veterans support activities and is himself a combat veteran of the Vietnam War. His book Souvenirs of War tells the story of his Vietnam experience. Four of Bill’s books highlight the unique opportunities for motorcycle exploration in the Great Lakes region – a beautiful and unique part of the country that is too often under-appreciated for its motorcycling and touring opportunities.

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