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Reviews for Grace and Grit

Click here to see what MittenLit.Com has to say about Grace & Grit:

And  Web Bike World gave it high praise. Click to read the review:

Author and moto-journalist Bill Stermer wrote:

“This well-researched and engaging book delves not only into the specific lives, rides and accomplishment of pioneer female motorcyclists early in the 20th Century, but also the times in which they lived. By detailing the poor road system and the limitations placed upon women in this era, it offers an inspirational story of what these riders accomplished with their epic cross-country motorcycle trips nearly a century ago. Best of all, both men and women will enjoy reading about their guts, grit and determination.”
–Bill Stermer, Author, and Contributor to Rider and other enthusiast magazines

“Grace and Grit was well written and very informative. Many women were excluded from the pages of motorcycle history, but recently writers such as William Murphy have helped to correct this injustice. I just want to say, “Thank You!” to Mr. Murphy for reporting history accurately and fairly!!”   5-Star review posted by “Bookworm” on Amazon.Com Books

To request a copy of Grace and Grit for review purposes, contact the Publisher.

Book Reviews from Bill Murphy’s previous releases

RoadRunner Magazine

(Motorcycling Across series: “Murphy meticulously highlights numerous tours that feature maps …. along with a generous helping of local history and lore. All these books are fun and informative reads

Motorcycling Across Indiana 
“Routes to ride, avoid the traffic as well as the super slab – this is the book for you! As the author gives you turn by turn directions, the author also gives a brief history of the area, points of interest ( if you are interested in the history of the area) as well as areas to avoid…”
– by Dana in Detroit (

Souvenirs of War
“With a very calm and sincere hand, Bill Murphy has written his account of the Viet Nam war. Unlike other books about this topic, this book is written in such a manner that does not leave the reader numb with emotional trauma but with a clear mind of what soldiers endured during their time in service. It speaks to the power of the human heart and faith.”
– Susie from Michigan (

Motorcycling Across Michigan
“This book is a must for any motorcyclist in Michigan. William Murphy details different runs throughout Michigan down to hotels, where to eat, local history, even gives you mile markers for each city. If you are tired of the same local runs, this book highlights the best and scenic roads our state has. Also, In the back he highlights emergency numbers, hotels, bike shops, and many clubs. Thanks William!!!”
– Anthony from Madison Heights (

Motorcycling Across Ohio

I received this book as a gift and have enjoyed reading it and actually went on a number of the rides. I’ve lived in Ohio my entire life and found things in the this book I was unaware of. My thanks to the author for writing it.

-“Jamorangehat” from Ohio (

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